Friday, November 3, 2017


When the arrangements were agreed in 1945 for incorporating this stretch of river into the Tummel-Garry Hydro-Electric Scheme, there was no provision for any hands off flow to be maintained and a weir was put in place to prevent salmon gaining access.
In recent years, the implementation of the Water Framework Directive provided a stimulus for the balance between the costs to SSE of re-engineering structures and losing some hydro generation and the benefits to the environment, to be re-examined, and a flow has now been restored and access to salmon reopened. SSE, SEPA and the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board have needed to work together to reach this successful outcome which was marked by a celebratory event which local and national organisations attended on 30 October.
The Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board (Tay DSFB) is anticipating that as many as 1500 extra salmon might pass the fish counter at Pitlochry Dam further downstream once the opened up water is fully colonised. 

David Summers, Director of the Tay DSFB, Terry A’Hearn, Chief Executive of SEPA,
and Alastair Stephen, Senior Environmental Advisor at SSE looking at the newly
re-watered stretch of river during the celebratory event on 30 October.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fly Tying 2017/18 Monday evening dates

Our friendly and sociable fortnightly fly tying evenings start shortly. These evenings are open to all anglers/fly tiers, not just Club members. Evenings are informal and members are happy to teach anyone who wants to learn how to tie flies, join in for a blether or as many do try to refill these depleted fly boxes for next years fishing.
The venue is Scotland's Hotel, Bonnethill Road, Pitlochry, 7pm until 9pm on the following dates:
• November 20
• December 4 and 18
• January 8 and 22
• February 5 and 19
We look forward to meeting you there! Call the Club mobile for further information 07541404048

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Ruan Ruarie Salmon

After a long wait to get his first salmon from Ruan Ruarie (see entry below) Paul Carter followed up today with another at 15lbs – good going. The fish was caught on the fly and put up a superb fight by all accounts. Still time for a few more from this beat – good numbers of fish at the moment and currently at a great height.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ruan Ruarie On Form

Ruan Ruarie was at a good height yesterday and Paul Carter did well with a fish of 8lbs on the fly from the Grilse Pool. Paul has been persevering up at Ruan Ruarie for some time - good to see the effort paying off ... and still time for a few more before the end of the season. 

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dam Return

With the river at an ideal height there was room for optimism this morning and sure enough Stephen Dunstan was rewarded with a good fish of 11lbs on the fly on Pitlochry bank this morning. With the settled conditions set to continue there could be more this week.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ruan Ruarie Success

With good numbers of fish about Ruan Ruarie continues to fish well - Dave Wilson continued his good run with a grilse of 4lbs yesterday. The beat should really start to fill up from now to the end of the season - some good opportunities to be had. 

Monday, August 28, 2017

Ruan Ruarie Grilse

Good numbers of fish have been seen in the beat over the last few weeks and Dave Wilson was able to take advantage with a 2lb grilse caught on the spinner last Monday . With fish moving through steadily at this time of year it’s definitely worth a go.

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Whoops, somehow lost a photo of the pink salmon tail in the last post. Sorry - here it is now.

Friday, July 28, 2017


This evening a Club member fishing the Pitlochry bank reported that there was a dead sea trout in the water close to the top of the beat on that bank. Committee member Ross Gardiner looked in the late evening and did indeed find a dead fish in the water, but it was a small female pink salmon (also known as humpback salmon) of 40 centimetres (just under 16”) in length. As many of you will know, such fish are strays to Scotland, and may be from rivers in north-west Russia. There have been about 40 reported in Scottish rivers since early July and although establishment of populations in Scotland is currently not thought to be likely, to prevent any which are captured from spawning, anglers are being asked to retain, report and, if possible, pass any on to the local Salmon Board or Fisheries Trust for inspection – for further advice please look at  Likewise with dead ones which are found, which is quite likely as they are summer spawners. Do please watch out for these fish and do look closely at any dead fish you come across. 

Apologies for the poor photos which were taken in half dark conditions, but please note the very small scales, the unusual spotting on the tail fin and the loose eggs on the stone - this was a ripe female. Please click on the photos to see larger versions.

Added note: someone has asked how heavy the fish was - as picked up, it was only 396 g (14 oz) so do look carefully at all fish regardless of size.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Sawmill Success

The Dam has been quiet over the last week but the Sawmill can still produce a fish or two: Martin Timmins had a week to remember with a fish of 24lbs on Wednesday night and another today at 3lbs – both were caught on the fly - good going. There’s still fish about – and hopefully a few more next week.

Martin Timmins releases a 24lber on Sawmill this week

Friday, July 14, 2017

Dam Success

Saul Mackay showed that it’s still worth a cast on our Dam beat – a quick run through Pitlochry bank this morning producing a sea-liced fish of 10lbs on the fly – it can be done.  With good numbers of fish continuing to move through the beat and a few rods on tomorrow there could be more to come this week.

Saul Mackay with 10lb sea-liced fish on Pitlochry bank this moring

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dam And Ruan Ruarie Success

Not many anglers out at the moment but Martin Cavanagh showed that it's still worth a try with a fish of 8lbs yesterday afternoon on the spinner from Port-na-Craig bank. Further upstream at Ruan Ruarie Dave Wilson did well today with a grilse of 4lbs and a fish of 8lbs - both on the spinner. Still good numbers of fish about and with favourable water levels there's room for optimism.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Good End To The Week

It's been a quiet week on our Dam beat - still good numbers of fish about but not many anglers. Saul Mackay ventured out this evening, though, and was rewarded with a fish of 9lbs caught on the fly from Pitlochry bank - it can be done. With a few more rods out there would surely be more - let's see what next week brings. 

Friday, June 23, 2017


This summer, from July on, a large number of salmon will be caught at Armadale on the Scottish north coast, tagged with acoustic tags of about 18 mm (¾”) in length by Marine Scotland Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, and released.

It is thought that the salmon will include ones destined for rivers all around Scotland and arrangements are being made for there to be fixed receivers, including ones close to the mouths of many rivers, to detect tagged fish as they pass.

In addition, Marine Scotland would like the help of anglers who should watch out for tagged salmon.  The tag (black cylinder, as shown in the photograph) will be near the dorsal fin and if you catch a salmon with a tag, then please remove it by cutting through the plastic attachment cord and send it to Armadale Tracking, Marine Scotland, Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory, Faskally, Pitlochry, Perthshire PH16 5LB (phone 01796 472060) with a note of day and location of capture and your name, postal and, if applicable, email address, and the Freshwater Fisheries Laboratory will send you a £20 reward.

If you have any other information about the fish (for example a photo, length, or sex of the fish), then please include it when you send in the tag. However, please do not delay the safe return of the fish to the water to obtain any such information.

The tagging will produce extremely useful information on the coastal and in-river movements of salmon, so please watch out for tagged fish, which could turn up anywhere, and return the tags as requested.

Example of tag and plastic attachment cord.
The tags will be attached near the dorsal fins of the fish.
Please note that the colour of the attachment cord will not necessarily be yellow.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sawmill Return

Good numbers of fish continue to enter our beats and Andrew Khakoo was in the right place this morning to land a fresh fish of 10lbs on the fly on our Sawmill beat. Definitely worth a cast and hopefully a few more this week.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Dam Fishing Well

The river remains at a good height and our Dam beat continues to fish well: John Love persevered this week and was rewarded on his final day with a fish of 12 lbs from Pitlochry bank this morning; and Hugh Robertson was successful last night landing a fish of 16lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank. Hopefully a few more to come this week.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sawmill Return

It was a quiet day at the Dam but the recent lift in water levels has brought our Sawmill beat back to life and Andrew Khakoo was able to take advantage with a fish of 9lbs on the fly this morning. The river remains at a good height – room for optimism.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

First Tummel Fish!

Conditions looked good today but the fish remained stubbornly uncooperative for the day rods - despite their best efforts. In the evening, though, new club member Bertie Warren got his first Tummel fish – a 3lber on the fly from Port-na-Craig bank – well done! Bertie has put in the effort over the last couple of months so that one was well deserved. Should be more this week.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Excellent Start To The Week

The river was at a good height this morning - prospects looked good - and with two fish caught it was an excellent start to the week: William Smith landed a fresh fish of 18lbs on the fly on Pitlochry bank this morning; and in the evening Brian Joseph caught a fish of 10lbs on Port-na-Craig bank - again on the fly. Looking good for the rest of the week.

Ready to go - Brian Joseph releases a 10lber on Port-na-Craig bank this evening

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Dam Fishing Well

The river was settled and at a great height this morning – very promising. A couple of fish were lost on Port-na-Craig bank early on but Gavin Hutchison, on his first visit to the beat, managed to hang on to one – landing a superb fish of 14lbs on the spinner on Port-na-Craig bank just before midday – well done. With more rain forecast for tomorrow it’s looking good for next week.

Gavin Hutchison enjoys the moment - a 14lber from Port-na-Craig bank this morning

Friday, June 9, 2017

Ticking Over

Heavy rain overnight put water levels up again but with the river running clear this morning prospects looked good. It didn’t take long for Laurent Memeteau to take advantage, catching a fish of 9lbs on the spinner with his second cast on Port-na-Craig bank this morning! More rain followed, though, and the river seemed to colour up again. It should settle back nicely for tomorrow – hopefully a few more to come this week.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Rain .... And Fish!

With heavy rain overnight the river was on the rise this morning. The fish were very active early on by all accounts and Martin Wilson was able to capitalise with a fish of 7lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank this morning with another lost not long after. By mid-morning the river was fairly coloured and since then has risen by another couple of feet. The river should fall back and clear nicely over the next few days, though, – should be interesting.

Kennylee Murray had a good day on our Ruan Ruarie beat last Saturday with fish at 9 and 7lbs on the spinner. Should be plenty of fish up there now - and some good fishing opportunities.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Dam On Form

While the rush of salmon through the ladder seems to have slowed down a bit over the last few days there's still good numbers showing at the Dam and Tony Brown did well this morning to intercept one on Port-na-Craig bank - a nice fish of 8lbs caught on the fly. Every chance for more tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Fishing Well

Good numbers of fish were showing at the Dam today – and some of them hung about long enough to get caught: Jim Fisher was the successful angler, landing a fish of 9lbs on Pitlochry bank on the fly this morning – it can be done. Should be a few more this week.

Jim Fisher returns a 9lber on Pitlochry bank this morning

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Good End To The Week

Perseverance was the key yesterday (Saturday) and it paid off for Jamie McCulloch who landed a fresh fish of 7lb on Pitlochry bank in the morning. With five fish caught it wasn’t too bad a week given the difficult conditions – and room for optimism for next week.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Dam Success

Lots of fish moving ….. but not easy to catch: it was more of the same at the Dam today. Ewan Maclachlan was up to the task, though, landing a nice fish of 16lbs on the fly from Port-na-Craig bank this morning – it can be done! Looks like more of the same for the weekend – hopefully a few more to come this week.

Ewan Maclachlan lands a 16lber on Port-na-Craig bank this morning

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Lots Of Fish About

The river rose by 6 inches overnight and this brought lots of fish into out Dam beat this morning - conditions looked excellent. These fish were moving fast, though, - over 200 have ascended the ladder in the last 24 hours – but with three fish caught it was still an excellent day: Nicol Paton was first to take advantage with a fish of 10lbs on the fly from Port-na-Craig bank this morning; not long after Dave Stewart had a fish of 6 lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank; and in the afternoon Graham Fyfe continued his good run with a fish of 6lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank. The river has now dropped back a little but with plenty of fish about prospects remain good.

Dave Stewart lands a 6lber on Pitlochry bank this morning

Friday, May 19, 2017

Dam Fishing Well

When Tony Brown lost a good fish early this morning on Port-na-Craig bank it looked as if it could be one of those days. More was to come, though, and with three fish caught it turned out to be an excellent day at the Dam: Graham Fyfe was first on the scoreboard with a fish of 8lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank; Tony Brown put the morning's disappointment behind him with a fish of 8lbs on the fly - again from Pitlochry bank in the afternoon; and in the evening Saul Mackay continued his good run with a fish of 7lbs on Pitlochry bank. Plenty of fish about - and they can be caught - despite the low water. Room for optimism.

Tony Brown lands an 8lber on Pitlochry bank this afternoon

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fishing Well

Two fish were caught at the Dam today – not too bad given the conditions. Saul Mackay was the angler on form - continuing his good run with fish at 18 and 8lbs both caught on the fly from Pitlochry bank this morning – it can be done. Fresh fish can be seen throughout the beat and prospects remain good.

Mixed Fortunes!

More frustration for the day rods on the river yesterday (Tuesday) - lots of fish about but none willing to take - a now familiar pattern. Late in the evening, though, Jim Fisher ventured out to try a new rod / line combo. Starting on the top pool on Pitlochry bank he fished about half way down when Saul Mackay appeared. Jim invited Saul to try out the new rod ..... and six casts later Saul is into a 14lber! Unlucky Jim ... well done Saul. Maybe a bit of luck is the key at the moment. Should be more this week.

Saul  Mckay with 14lber on Pitlochry bank

Monday, May 15, 2017

Good Start To The Week

Heavy rain was forecast for today but it didn’t come to much – the river remains low and clear. It was a pleasant fishing day, though, and with one fish caught it wasn’t a bad start to the week: Jim Fisher was the successful angler with a fish of 10lbs on the fly from Pitlochry bank this morning. Plenty of fish about so every reason to be optimistic for the rest of the week.

Jim Fisher returns a nice fish of 10lbs on Pitlochry bank this morning

Friday, May 12, 2017

Good Catches

It's been a frustrating week on the Dam - no lack of fish but they haven't been in the mood - despite the best efforts of the rods. This evening, though, the deadlock was broken: Martin Wilson landed a fish of 9lbs and not long after Saul Mackay had a fish of 8lbs - both were caught on the fly from Pitlochry bank on the fly. Some encouragement for the weekend - hopefully more to come.